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Skierg 1 vs 2

See any butterfly? Do your homework. Everybody knows the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If you look at the SkiErg handles, the most efficient path for them to travel on would be straight down and straight up. How an individual returns their hands back to the top of the pull should be as short and efficient as possible to both conserve energy and maintain a consistent and hopefully higher stroke rate.

Wildly swinging the arms back to the starting point at the top of the pull is inefficient, slow, and unnecessary. Shorter, compact pulls with a strong bent arm allow for higher rating, greater stroke efficiency, and better performances…regardless of the distance. If not, you can read that here. Stroke rate ranges will vary for each athlete, but we still base our training paces off of a 2k PR pace, and we still avoid controlling speed with stroke power and focus our attention on controlling speed split by focusing on rates.

Most folks in the functional fitness world spend the majority of their SkiErg time on short sprints and calorie-based intervals within a workout. Where are all the 5k and 10k efforts?

skierg 1 vs 2

We prescribe a fair amount of volume for our Online Membersand for good reason…higher capacity requires it. Short sprints require less overall skill…meaning you can get away with dropping and yanking wildly on the handles butterfly and still manage to finish those 21 calories in a reasonable amount of time.

If you want to build overall capacity, you need to spend a lot more time going longer. Try some mid-distance intervals, see if you can manage m in under minutes, or try a steady 5k. Mix it up…your fitness will thank you.

skierg 1 vs 2

The dial on the front of the flywheel casing controls the amount of air going in and out. The SkiErg is not a tricep pull-down machine! You can check out this article from Concept2 for a basic overview. There is a plastic disc on the front on the flywheel casing about the size of a DVD…you can see it still attached in the picture below. It can be removed. Please note…these values are based on MY machine in MY garage…you may find your range to be slightly different.

Early on I "hacked" my damper by marking the corresponding drag factors to where they are located along damper levels.Summary: The Concept2 SkiErg is a revolutionary device that provides an excellent ski-specific upper body workout.

It is ideal for testing and interval training, and definitely has the potential to make you a faster skier. Pros: Highly ski-specific. Excellent simulation of poling motion. Advanced computer is excellent for testing, competing against other skiers, and recording workouts. Good value. Cons: Relatively large, cheaper version must be wall mounted. Can cheat on tests by over-compressing. No single sticking.

About the author.

Not an inconsequential investment. The Concept2 SkiErg was designed by the same people that brought the rowing and fitness community the Indoor Rower. Concept2 has turned their attention to skiing, and have produced a machine that could have a significant impact on ski training.

We tested the version that is equipped as a stand-alone unit and fitted with the Concept2 PM4 monitor. This is the more advanced of the two Performance Monitors from Concept2.

While the Concept2 SkiErg is now available for purchase, our test model, received in April, is considered an advanced prototype. Some changes may have been made on the production model in areas ranging from graphics to the monitor software. The overall functionality should be the same however. The SkiErg is solid and well-built. While this provided the benefits of having a computer that could accurately measure a variety of data, this solution was less than optimal.

The biggest issues revolved around the chain pull rope and the handle. The metal chain did not recoil in a manner conducive to proper ski technique, and the single chain with long handle was also a poor simulation. Concept2 has addressed both of these issues, replacing the chain with a special double high-strength nylon cord. A ski pole style grip and strap is attached to both cords. The cords run through blocks at the top of the SkiErg, spacing the handles at an appropriate distance apart.

Concept2 SkiErg Review

The result is a machine that does a much better job at simulating double poling. The handle and strap system is comfortable and easy to use.This article may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

That machine is the SkiErg. The SkiErg is essentially the upper body portion of a traditional skiing machine that you might be familiar with, the type that made Nordictrack famous. Both machines offer an intense workout. However it is the rower that will give you a full body workout from head to toe. For most Crossfitter's that are purchasing equipment at home they will usually choose one or more of the following just like they have in their local box:.

The choice of air bike will usually fall between the Airdyne or Assault Bikewhilst for a rower most will choose either the Concept 2 or a water rower. The Model E indoor rowing machine comes from a company called Concept2. They are one of the leading manufacturers of quality rowers and other gym equipment. You can rest assured that the Model E is not going to fall apart within a few weeks of use.

This is a flywheel rowing machine, which provides smooth motion and quieter operation when compared to a hydraulic rower.

Besides the flywheel, the Model E has several distinct features that help set it apart from the competition. It is easy to use and store and comes preloaded with a wide variety of workout options along with a PM5 Performance Monitor. One feature that customers always want to know more about is the assembly process. The Concept2 Model E rowing machine arrives in two large boxes. It comes partially assembled and typically only takes 15 to 20 minutes to put together. You will need plenty of space to set up and use the rower.

Luckily, the rower can be broken down into two separate sections, making storage a lot easier. Once you get on the Model E rowing machine, you feel secure and stable.

The Best Workout You're Not Doing

The machine feels sturdy and capable of delivering a solid workout. This is reaffirmed once you start rowing. The motion of the flywheel is consistently smooth.Privacy Policy.

Quick links. Anyone here using the Skierg also have experience with the Schwinn Airdyne?

SkiErg Technique: How to Use the SkiErg for Beginners

I currently have the rower and looking for a piece to compliment that. Do you find it's easier to get the heart rate up on one or the other? Is one more "comfortable" to use than the other?

I hear some say that the Airdyne is a torture device but in a good way. I have 2 one is 31 years old. The other machine I'd like to throw in the mix is a Bowflex M5 or M7. As someone thats about to hike up a 14, mountain, it would be the ultimate trainer for that.

It can be used everywhere I would get a trainer and do high altitude training. Both the ski-erg and AD are useful for long, steady recovery work, but I tend to try and do at least one conditioning session per week with them just to break up the grind of rowing day in day out. I think this is because the sk-erg is predominantly upper body and core, while the AD is very much legs and shoulder, so they compliment each other well. I had my ski-erg for about a year before I got the AD, but I just kept an eye out for a good deal on eBay and managed to get hold of one about a month ago.

Obviously this sort of kit can cost a bit but if you can get hold of one for a decent price I would definitely recommend pairing up a ski-erg with an airdyne! Hope this helps Sully. It is far a leg driven machine with some arms. I prefer a good elliptical like the e glide elliptical. With ski erg you have the possibility do pursue other kind of programs for triceps, chest, back, shoulders, etc.The first thing to say when comparing these two machines is that they are without doubt the best on the market.

Both extremely well built and perform incredibly well. For people in a hurry, I have compiled quick comparison chart of the main features. More rowing machine reviews. Skip to content The first thing to say when comparing these two machines is that they are without doubt the best on the market. Easier on the knees. Best for people who are serious about maximizing their training and are less concerned about space and noise. Easier on the lower back. Pretty much the only noise is the sloshing of the water in the tank.

The new nickel chain has reduced the noise level a bit, but the fan is loud.

skierg 1 vs 2

Durability Very well built and extremely durable. Very well built and extremely durable. Rowing feel Uneven stroke: resistance at the catch beginning of the pull is high, falls off as you accelerate, and picks up again at the end. The catch is very light, but the resistance increases smoothly throughout the acceleration of the pull. Design Most models made in wood and would fit in quite unobtrusively in your living room. Come in light grey or black. Very stylish in the gym.

Storage Designed to be stored standing on its end, it takes up very little space. You can easily pick it up from the back and wheel it around. Not so compact to store and although they have made it fairly easy, it is still a bit of a faff breaking the machine into its two halfs for storage. Computer Has the necessary functions for a general workout but not very sophisticated. PM3 or PM4, which includes a heart monitor and chest strap.

Measurement of performance so accurate that you can compete online with other rowers.

skierg 1 vs 2

Mechanism Uses a strap, which is virtually silent and a water tank to dampen the stroke. Seat rolls on plastic rollers on a wooden slide, which is more forgiving if any dirt gets on the rails. Uses a chain and air dampening making it noisy. Can be an advantage as it gives you audible feedback on the stroke. Seat rides on steel rollers on an aluminium slide. Small pieces of dirt on the slide will drive you crazy when rowing!Most cardiovascular training is lower-body based.

It is hard to find a good cardiovascular workout that primarily engages upper-body musculature. Swimming is a good upper-body workout, but sometimes the pool can be inconvenient; and if you don't know the technique, it can be difficult to get an adequate workout.

The arm ergometer, or arm bike, is OK, but it can be tough to work more than just your arms and shoulders. Running, biking, elliptical, stair climbing—even rowing—are mainly lower-body activities if done properly. A relatively new piece of equipment that does work your upper body for cardio is the Concept2 SkiErg. It mimics the motion of cross-country skiing, but you don't have to be a skier to train on it.

It requires the use of the lats, triceps, pecs, and abdominals to pull the handles down; and this movement is unlike any other type of cardio. Not only will you increase your heart rate quickly, but because it engages more muscles than other forms of cardio, you will burn more calories. When done properly, training on the SkiErg hits the lats, triceps, abdominals, pecs, biceps, quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and lower back.

The SkiErg uses a flywheel that traps air to increase resistance. The intensity varies with your effort: the harder you pull, the greater the intensity. It's designed to mimic Nordic skiing, but the movement can be modified for other activities, especially swimming. Full Squats and Reverse Lunges can be added to make the exercise more intense.

It's also a good way to burn out your arms or back after a heavy bout of weight training. The SkiErg is wheelchair accessible for people with leg injuries or adaptive athletes, and the exercises can be just as hard sitting down. After a five-minute warm-up, start with 30 seconds of high-intensity skiing followed by two minutes at moderate intensity to catch your breath a bit. Repeat this four to six times. As it becomes easier for you, increase the high-intensity interval or reduce the moderate interval, or both.

This is a great way to get a cardio workout in 10 to 15 minutes. After a few weeks getting accustomed to the SkiErg, try the one-minute challenge. Test yourself to see how many meters you can cover in 60 seconds. If you can reach meters, you are really moving.

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Are you more fit? The same? Or your training, and therefore your fitness, has lagged? I'm more fit. I'm about as fit. My fitness has lagged. View Results. Login required to started new threads Login required to post replies. Concept2 SkiErg vs Rower?

Quote Reply. Post 1 of 16 views. So looking to add a cross training device to the training room Have my Kickr, probably picking up a used treadmill pretty cheap. But am interested in using one of the Concept2 machines.

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