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S10 abs delete

The antilock brake system ABS is controlled by its own computer. When it senses a problem, the ABS module on the dashboard will light up. When the problem is fixed, the module will sometimes still stay on, and it will need to be rest. This is an easy process, and takes a few minutes to complete. Turn the vehicle off and put it into park.

Apply the parking break, and turn the ignition switch to the "On" position, but do not start it. Plug the connection cable that comes with the computerized scan tool into the bottom of the unit.

Locate the DLC connector found under the dashboard and just above the pedals. Plug the computerized scan tool into it and power on the scan tool. Navigate to the "ABS" menu on the computerized scan tool by pushing the down arrow button. Select "Clear all codes. Power off the computerized scan tool and disconnect it from the DLC connector. Turn on the vehicle and verify that the ABS module is no longer lit.

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Turn the vehicle off and put it into park. Step 2 Plug the connection cable that comes with the computerized scan tool into the bottom of the unit.

Step 3 Locate the DLC connector found under the dashboard and just above the pedals. Step 4 Navigate to the "ABS" menu on the computerized scan tool by pushing the down arrow button. Tip A computerized scan tool can be purchased online, or at any automotive supply store.

Items you will need Computerized scan tool. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Photo Credits compteur image by art from Fotolia.I know absolutely nothing about vehicles but I need to know if there's a way to disable it, turn it off, anything! It's really scary when it starts doing that. It sounds like you might have a couple of problems here.

Open the hood and look on the upper side of the left fender area for a big aluminum unit with brake pipes and electrical connectors going to it. This is the ABS controller and valve assembly. To disable just unplug the connectors and you will disabled it. It might keep the orange warning light on the dash on, but it is disabled.

How to Convert ABS Brakes to Non-ABS Brakes

The regular brakes will work fine unless there is a problem inside the ABS valves which is pretty rare. If your rear brake lights are flickering when you apply the brakes, then you might be having a brake switch on the pedal or wiring problem which is a separate issue.

Personally I would fix the light problem and get the ABS module scanned to see what codes are stored if any and go from there.

The brake switch is an input to the ABS so these could be related. Good luck. This is the ABS module and valve assembly. Unplug the wires from it and the ABS won't work and the light won't come on either. As for the brake lights flickering on, sounds like the brake light switch is miss adjusted. You definitely have a brake problem. You cant disable.

Look under the passenger seat and you will see a little black box. That is the vehicle brain, so to speak. If you try to disconnect any safety devices on your car, the computer will shut down your car. Disabling ABS on a car will most likely damage the breaking system and well to put it bluntly Simple, open the fuse box and pull the fuse for the ABS computer.

Once that's done, no more ABS. Answer Save.By today's standards it's a fairly bulky, primitive, and error prone system.

How to Reset the GM ABS Brake Module

Many Syclone and Typhoon owners have grown tired of the aging or failing systems in their vehicles and opted to remove the ABS rather then face steep replacement costs. This little article will cover the steps required to remove the ABS module from the truck. Usually this results in more predictable braking and a better pedal feel. In some cases the ABS units have been known to actually increase braking distance when their primitive design misinterpreted wheel sensor input as skidding.

That said, I'm sure they have also prevented a quite few accidents. Verify that removing the ABS from your vehicle is legal in your state before you begin.

Also be warned, this procedure involves modifying the most important aspect of your vehicle, the brake system. Make sure you double check all modifications and test in safe conditions before risking anyone's safety.

Cut or loosen the brake lines from the ABS unit. These brake lines will not be reused when deleting the abs unit. Join the 2 front brake lines together using a T-fitting. Each of the lines should connect to the T-fitting on opposing sides. Connect the newly cut rear brake line to the forward bottom port on the brake distribution manifold.

First test the system by pressing firmly on the brake pedal. Make sure the new lines and flaires can maintain high pressure without leaking. Visually inspect all the fittings and flares for leaks. Once your satisfied everything is leak free, begin testing brake functionality. Be extremely cautious and double check all connections at this point. I believe Sportmachines carry a kit that comes with everything you need for this mod.

As long as one is cutting and flaring, may as well put the T down where it isn't as prominent as shown in the pics.

How do you disable the ABS on 1994 Chevy Blazer?

Some states that have inspections, frown on brake system modifications. Make the removal as inconspicuous as possible. Edit Publish. Step by Step Instructions. Unplug the large connectors connected to the front of the ABS unit. Remove the ABS unit and bracket from the engine bay. You will have to bend, cut, and double flair the new tubing to the correct length.

The line that feeds the rear brakes needs to be shortened and bent into shape. Do so now. Slide on a flare nut and Double flare the end of the rear line using your flaring tool. Bleed each wheel, starting with the furthest away from the master cylinder and getting closer.

There are 2 Comments. Say Something. DaveP's reply:.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile. I hated the RWAL in my 88 and cannot believe there was any benefit to having it at all.

Although in snow I really enjoy the ABS in my Knock on woodit has been good to me. Under most circumstances you'd never even know it was there, since it doesn't trigger.

I could see if you drove in snow or mud a lot, you could easily trigger it, though. Both the 4WAL designs are notoriously unreliable. I wouldn't let that stop me from doing what I needed to do to make the vehicle stop properly. Execution time: 0.

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Chevy Truck ABS Problems / Unwanted ABS Activation

Forum Rules. I personally don't like it and have disabled it on many of my vehicles, past and present. On a '98 there is a large fuse under the hood in that electrical convenience center.

Look at the label under the lid, it will tell you which one it is. This removes power from the ABS unit under the hood. Now if you've got some kind of internal leak or failure in the ABS unit it happens then you'll need to completely remove the unit and re-plumb the lines. Kind of a non-trivial job, but many have done it. The big warning you usually see mentioned here is that if you get into a wreck and while it's being investigated, it's determined you disabled the ABS, that might not be a good thing for you.

Could be a completely unfounded worry, but you never know. They Bendix 10 system is unsafe at best if it fails. Actually; the RWAL acted like a fancy brake compensator valve I know there is the fuse that can be removed, just didn't know if it would have any adverse effect before I tried removing it and hitting the road.

I posted my question just before a long road trip but didn't get back to check for replies before I left I pull it and test it out this weekend.

Bill K. Doesn't work, half of it is plumbed out, has a code for a wheel sensor set in it, and I need to get around to the other half but I really hate doing brake lines. Plus the unit has no value as a core, so I might get a whole dollar for it for scrap on a good day. Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize it on the internet. I don't have much knowledge at all about the vans and I'm glad there are members like you and a few others here that are knowledgeable and willing to help out!

I don't like ABS cars in snow. It seems like you accelerate when they activate. Then, no matter how hard i try, i can't make my right leg back off the pedal, and have to ride it out.All Rights Reserved.

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Wiki User I cannot see why you would want to, it saves lives. However, remove the entire braking system and replace with a type-approved non-abs system.

For fault diagnosis only, disconnect the abs block wiring. NOTE:Running a vehicle with fitted abs inhibited, unless designed to do so, is dangerous and could invalidate insurance.

Asked in Chevy S Where can you get a carb diagram for 98 s10? The 98 S10 doesn't have a carburetor. Asked in Chevy S Will the head from a 95 s10 2. Yes, same part for 98 and Can you interchange doors from a 98 s10 blazer with a 98 s 10 pick up. A 98 Blazer S10 has 5 lugs on each wheel. Pull the fuse, but the abs light will remain on. That is the ABS in operation.

The 98 S10 does not have a safety cut off inertia switch. The ABS pump motor relay is not serviceable. It is part of the ABS modulator valve. The abs brakes on the back of a 94 S10 are designed to help slow the truck down quickly. Without abs, the brakes can lock up and the truck could slide uncontrollably. If your brakes are locking up it is because the ABS is not working. Asked in Chevy S How do you test abs on s10?

Every time you start and drive the vehicle the abs self tests itself. If there was a problem with the abs, the abs light would stay on until it is fixed. Also when the abs light stays on the abs system will not function. Asked in Chevy S Where are the timing marks on a 98 S10 22 cam sprocket? The timing marks for the cam sprocket on a 98 S10 is on the front. The marks for the crank shaft is on the oil pump gear. Yes it does, I have one!

s10 abs delete

Asked in Chevy S Where is the abs rear sensor Chevy s10? In the back end of the transmission. Yes, they are the same from 98 and up. You could remove the abs fuse located under the hood in the power distribution center, but keep in mind the abs light will remain on and the abs system will not function if needed.Moderators: Super ModModerators.

Skip to content. Removing ABS. Steering, shocks, springs, and brakes. I hear it's computer controlled and in an effort to get the dang computer out from under the hood I'm probably going to have to remove em'. Just wonder if I can simply pull that big "box" out and run some couplers to hook the brake lines back up to the Master Cylinder or if there's more involved to it then that.

A pirate walks into a bar wearing a paper towel on his head. He sits down at the bar and orders some dirty rum. The bartender asks, "Why are you wearing a paper towel? Re: Removing ABS. Nothing to remove. For every dollar that you spend on your truck, put one in a bank account. That way in the end you will have built two things that really mean something to you. Good things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

I figured it'd be good to remove it and free up some room on the driver's side fender well. Who knows, someday I might stick an MSD 6al box there or something.

I'm just saying that if you don't its not a problem either. Best time9. Last edited by s10v on Wed Aug 04, am, edited 1 time in total.

s10 abs delete

Pics, as always would be great. I guess I could just hook the large rear line to the large line that's coming out of the ABS rear brakes and get a "T" to run the single line in from the Master Cylinder to the two front brake lines.

s10 abs delete

That'd probably work. Of course I'd have to bleed em' after which would be great since the brake fluid looks black. It is normal Dot 3 fluid in my system, right?Solenoid Mounting Location: Front Mount : mounts on front fender well.

Sale Price:. This kit included pre-formed lines with fitting ends ONLY. This kit is designed to work with SJM line lock solenoids. Please contact us for further information. Having lockups, tramping or poor brake-reponse issues? Adjusting the Wilwood adjustable valve controls brake line pressure. This exclusive kit using our SJM Line Lock is designed for customers who have removed their power brake booster and master cylinder and have converted to a manual master brake configuration.

Includes 6-lead pigtail with NO and NC connections. For 6th gen, fits directly into the flip-top Accessory port in the center console. Can be used in a variety of electronic projects. Bright 2wattv incandescant bulb indicator light with RED cover.

s10 abs delete

Bright 4 wattv incandescant bulb indicator light with RED cover. Our steel-braided brake lines provide a firmer, more responsive braking control by reducing excessive brake-pedal travel. A leading cause of decreased braking performance is expansion found in old OEM rubber lines.

Our kits meet or exceed DOT requirements for street-driven vehicles and come in pre-packaged lengths. All hardware and fittings necessary are included for a direct bolt-on.

These braided lines replace OEM rubber lines leading to each brake caliper and connecting to your rear-end. Brake bleeding has always been an inconvenient and messy job until now. Earl's Solo-Bleed bleeder screws will solve both problems.

When your vehicle's brake system is opened, air is introduced into your brake system. Air infiltration leads to poor brake performance. We recommend our see-through tubing to aid in removal of air bubble intrusion. Slip tubing over bleeder valve.

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