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How to increase footstep sound in pubg mobile

I have a background in music production so this came to mind while playing and watching gameplay from others. Today I tested using an audio compressor after my soundcard, which worked really well. The biggest advantage to me is hearing footsteps much easier and earlier than without audio compression. You just push down all the loud stuff in volume while turning up the quiet stuff.

I'm not changing anything in the game itself, I'm not even changing anything on my computer. Still, I can imagine people getting mad over this like they do over very low Q video and extreme brightness settings.

What do you think? As I understand it, the problem with compression which as you said, pushes down the loud stuff and increases the quiet stuff You can't perceive if your target is meters or meters from you firing, since well. So it's a benefit for hearing footsteps, but a disadvantage in combat when trying to determine where and how far away you're getting shot from.

Yeah I've already read complaints about it. Personally I'd rather not use it as I like to hear the distance of the footsteps, as opposed to equalizing them with other sounds. But to each their own. You might have a point there, I need to check that out with some more gameplay but the key is to set it just right so you don't loose that perception.

A second hand behringer compressor limiter about euro's works fine. I'm using a very old MDX right now. MDX is perfect too. Just about any stereo compressor which has threshold, ratio, attack, release, output. Prefferable with a peak limiter at the end and a stereo couple switch for easy operation.


Software: I'll work on it now to try to create an up-to-date easy how-to. I'm a producer, and a compressor is a bad idea. In real life there isn't a compressor or a brick wall on everything too. Also, if I would be a dev here I would consider this cheating. For normal listeners, they would have to turn up the volume so loud that the guns will hurt their ears in order to hear footsteps on your level.

I honestly really really dislike this idea. Gandaren, thank you for your comments, I suspected somebody would be against this idea, that's why I put this up in the first place. I have never thought about this kind of "cheat" for gaming until I started playing PUBG and watching gameplay video's, so it's new to me. Indeed people even regard that as cheating while the possibility is available ingame.

This compression doesn't even change anything ingame or use parts of the game programming. Protecting myself can't be cheating imho, but it does create this advantage. These are simply two sides of the same coin I guess.Breaking news: Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide. How to achieve the best sound settings in PUBG to help you hear sound effects more easily and gain a competitive advantage over your opponents.

One thing PUBG almost gets right is the sound design, though. It really sucks you into the Battle Royale experience. Being able to identify the source of gunfire, or turn to deal with a threat at the last moment is crucial to securing kills in PUBG but also to experiencing the full extent of the game.

It contains all of the most important tips and tactics you need to win more games! It's worth quickly mentioning that, for the most part, there aren't many in-depth changes you can make to improve sound in PUBG. We wouldn't recommend messing around in the murky world of external software as you never know how PUBG anti-cheat is going to react, let alone how it'll impact your other games too. So it's no secret that PUBG's sound settings aren't the greatest, and we've done our best to list all the little things you can do to improve it without causing any major issues.

If we find any other ways to improve the audio, we'll be sure to update this article further, so do bear with us on this front! It goes without saying that you'll want your sound to go unhindered by any extraneous plug-ins or software.

Make sure you turn them off before heading in-game! It's essentially an improved type of virtual surround sound that'll help you pinpoint where shots and footsteps are coming from with extra precision. In order to enable this feature, download the Dolby Access app from the Windows Store and launch it. The app will guide you through the whole process, and you'll want to select the "With my headphones" or "With my home theater" depending on your setup.

Do be aware that Dolby Atmos isn't free, but you can sign up for a 30 day free trial to give it a go. At max sound settings it can be a bit taxing on your ears, so try lowering your Windows volume levels to avoid unnecessarily damaging your hearing. One of the main ways is to max out the in-game volume but this can be detrimental to your hearing in most cases. Super Smash Bros. Contact FromEdward. Comment on this article Comments on this article are now closed.I am using a Logitech G, but I have great difficulty hearing footsteps in this game.

I use the logitech drivers and have tried to fiddle with the settings to improve it, but it doesn't seem to help. So I am looking to get a different setup, just wondering what you guys are using.

Interesting you brig this up. How do I get MY setup to hear them the same way they hear me? Sadly no mic but it's too powerfull for me to change now!

This is on by default.

how to increase footstep sound in pubg mobile

Use only clear stereo audio. Area betwen 10HzHz is for ear absolutelly uselless. They are a source of higher distortion, and in an inaudible spectrum they just overwhelm your audio equipment. Its better 10Hz and 20Hz full cut down, to avoid overloading with subsonic frequencies. Recommended Posts. Posted August 14, Hello all!

I'm not sure this belongs in here, but I am going to ask anyway. What is your hardware and software setup to hear footsteps clearly? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. PUBG is a stereo-coded game. Let it do what it's supposed to do. Turn off all that crappy 5. Turn off all Windows virtual surround.

how to increase footstep sound in pubg mobile

Run normal settings across the board for your sound card and headset. Set Windows volume to a comfortable level for your non-gaming stuff i. YouTube and Twitch. Control your PUBG volume with the in-game settings. Then you'll hear footsteps and gunshots like you are supposed to. Posted August 15, Try something like Go To Topic Listing.

How to Tweak Gunshots and Other Sounds in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Sign In Sign Up.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I notice the Master Volume at isn't enough for me. I play with headsets, but sometimes I need more volume. There's a solution:. Showing 1 - 15 of 38 comments. Same issue for me after update.

Now I can barely hear anything at max sound settings in game or max windows sound settings. Other games work fine though. Same issue here as well. I can't use 7. Thanks guys! My street is so noisy at day, and I can't listen the steps when the cars pass trough with that low master volume. Interknet View Profile View Posts. It's quiet at in windows and in game with a headset?

You may want to get your hearing checked, cause that's hella loud. Originally posted by Interknet :. Originally posted by J. C Denton :. Tudar View Profile View Posts.They're reporting that sound of footsteps has been lowered to the point that they cannot be heard unless the game volume is turned on high.

How to Tweak Gunshots and Other Sounds in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

This is a huge community concern -- not only because players are not able to hear approaching enemies as well as they should, but also because sounds like gunshots, screams, and overhead planes are extremely loud in comparison. Sudden gunfire can scare anyone who's focused on listening for much quieter sounds.

Easily frightened players are especially annoyed. If you're facing this problem, here are some possible solutions to the sound issue that are worth trying. But knowing how it operates can help you determine whether or not you're really experiencing a sound balance issue. Marek -- PUBG 's content programmer and lead gunplay designer -- explained the complexities of sound in a blog post a month ago:.

Each gunshot sound you hear in game has propagation delay based on distance between source and the listener Bullet crack effect or bullet bow shockwave is generated when a supersonic projectile passes in close proximity to the listener. The effect can be heard in a closest point on bullet trajectory line Most of our weapons are supersonic. We blend between different sound samples based on distance the maximum distance and attenuation characteristic is also affected by suppressor attachment.

The close gunshot sounds louder and more clear than the distant one. So if some gunshots sound very different from others, or you only occasionally hear loud cracks coming through your headset, this is all just a part of the game's design. Think of it as a little bit of extra immersion when a flying bullet scares the hell out of you. If all else fails, you can always lower the sound of all game effects. This is a risky move that's likely not going to work very well -- so let's hope better effect customization gets implemented soon.

For more info on how to tweak your audio settings to your liking, you can check out our full PUBG audio settings guide.

how to increase footstep sound in pubg mobile

How's your game sound? Are you experiencing similar issues? What would you like to see changed? Let us know in the comments! Paige McGovern Featured Contributor. Published Jul.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Socksy View Profile View Posts. Is there a way to make footsteps louder while not increasing the master volume? If i turn the master volume up i can hear footsteps but evrything else hurts my ears.

Showing 1 - 15 of 26 comments. Hiphastis View Profile View Posts. This means the further you are away the harder it will be to hear. For headsets, gaming headsets and headsets with a 20hzkhz range are typically a little bassy and thus can mess up the footsteps footsteps are not bass, they mid and high frequencies.

Last edited by Hiphastis ; 5 Apr, pm. Originally posted by Here Kitty Katie :. Last edited by Socksy ; 5 Apr, pm. Originally posted by zgreat30 :. You used to be able to do it for 1. It doesn't work anymore though. Making footsteps louder isn't a good idea though because it makes it harder to tell where the footsteps are coming from. Reducing the sound level of gunfire would work best if it was allowed.

FIX YOUR PUBG SOUND with Voicemeeter Banana and Windows 10 1809 (and newer)

Yan View Profile View Posts. Spychopat View Profile View Posts. Bl4d3 weed View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Sgt. C00PER :. Originally posted by Spychopat :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 5 Apr, pm.

Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.In this article we will be discussing about the best tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile to have a chicken dinner every time and will help you play better than the other players, as they may not be familiar with such tips and tricks of pubg mobile that we are explaining in the below article.

We all know that PUBG is one of the most famous games for mobile devices. With over 50 million downloads, this game has caused a sensation in the gaming industry. In this article we help you to find some of the most interesting tips and tricks that will allow you to have a chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile. All of the relevant information related to PUBG mobile tips and tricks is provided in this article below and quite useful in By properly following the guide, you will definitely get better results that you will definitely love those tips.

Also Read : How to Hack Website. The higher the quality of the game, the better the game. Try to set the game display speed to a higher number of FPS so that the best graphics quality can be displayed on the screen. With the basic settings of the game, activate the Peek and Fire option to light the fire without exposing others too much. In the basic settings of the game, check whether the assisted sighting function is activated or not.

This feature allows you to hit the target precisely, even on touch devices. Then activate the Fire button on the left side. This will improve the performance and speed of games, such as with the right hand, where the target can be hit while the left hand can play side by side with a shot. This will automatically open the doors of buildings and other doors to increase the efficiency of your game.

Changing the size and position of the controls can help you adjust the size of your device or make it easier to access to play faster. By activating this feature, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust the game graphics, allowing you to easily view the best parts of the area. It can even be useful to make the most of the offer. Do not forget to place it at the edges to get the maximum visibility around you and even be able to be photographed with precision.

Follow other positioning methods that you think are really useful. These quick chat messages are useful when playing with a team. From there, you can delete existing messages and create a new one. Well, if you are in a red zone, the first thing to do is to run. We suggest that you exit the red zone as soon as possible. However, if you are in a place where it is impossible to leave the red zone, it is best to enter a building.

You can also hide inside the car without alerting other players. The trick works in most cases, unless you have parked your car in the middle of the desert.

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