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faa stc

Ryan Beech. This post is sponsored by The Angelus Corporation. Making alterations and repairs to aircraft, engines, avionics systems and other parts is a critical means for keeping fleets modern and operable.

Yet, the regulations and requirements around making these changes can be complicated and confusing. Resources can help airlines and original equipment manufacturers navigate the supplemental type certificate STC process. Civil aviation authorities usually require an STC for major changes to the design of a type-certified aircraft when the modification is not significant enough to require a new type certificate.

An STC applicant submits a certification plan to the FAA that details the proposed alteration to a type-certified product and how that alteration will comply with the applicable FAA regulations and guidance material. Next, the applicant develops the required engineering design, analysis and continued airworthiness data, as well as ground and flight test plans. After reviewing and accepting the data, the FAA issues a prototype installation and, if necessary, testing authorization for the proposed modification, usually in the form of a Type Inspection Authorization.

The applicant will complete the prototype modification to the product and conduct the required testing. A few of the most common challenges to the STC process are access to an aircraft for prototype installation and testing, access to aircraft technical data, program scheduling challenges and managing the governing civil aviation authority.

What are some of the misconceptions with the requirement and how can airlines comply? These avionics systems must meet certain performance requirements and FAA regulations. What should airlines and original equipment manufacturers look for when evaluating certification partners?

Airlines should look for partners with significant experience working through the STC process combined with detailed knowledge of civil aviation authority regulations, and aircraft systems and structures.

Experienced partners with strong working relationships with civil aviation authorities and extensive engineering capabilities will be able to accelerate the certification timeline by reducing design iterations and eliminating parts or designs that are not compliant with applicable regulations.

To further streamline the new part installation process, a partner with FAA parts manufacturer approval 14 CFR Part 21 will be able to manufacture parts, assemblies and customized kits. He has worked in the commercial aircraft retrofit industry for nearly 20 years and has completed STC projects with airlines all over the world. Search form Search. Understanding the supplemental type certificate process. Getty Images. What is a supplemental type certificate, and when is one required? What are the biggest challenges to the STC process?

How can an outside organization help mitigate some of those challenges? Want more stories like this? More Originals from Our Editors. Connected Teaching and Learning. Leadership and Management.

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faa stc

Use the PDF linked in the document sidebar for the official electronic format. Notice of intent to designate S. Bee, Inc. This notice announces the FAA's intent to designate S.

The FAA has been unsuccessful in contacting S. This action is intended to enhance aviation safety. You may also contact Karen Murphy by phone at or email at Karen. Murphy faa. Interested parties are invited to provide comments, written data, views, or arguments relating to this notice. All comments received on or before the closing date will be considered. All comments received will be available in the docket for examination by interested persons. Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays.

This notice is to inform the public that the FAA intends to designate S. The FAA has received a third party request for the release of data for the S. The third party requester is the owner of an aircraft modified by these STCs and would like the engineering data to maintain the aircraft.

The FAA cannot release commercial or financial information, such as the requested data, under FOIA without the permission of the data owner. There has been no activity on these STCs for more than 3 years. BoxMcKenna, WA The FAA has also attempted to make contact with S.The Buck Stops with Me.

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Login to Your Account. My Email Has Changed. Forgot Password Help. View Catalog. One Moment Please Previous Next. Thousands of aviation safety seminars take place annually around the nation. Find one near you. Zip:miles. Find Seminars. The AMT Awards program encourages AMTs and employers to take advantage of initial and recurrent training by issuing awards based on training received.

Learn more! User Guide. By virtue of holding instructor privileges, instructors can validate or give immediate WINGS credit through this portal. Enter Instructor Portal.Every year, we process a multitude of design approval projects for supplemental type certification STC.

That adds up to nearly STCs on more than 30 airframe models. Browse our complete STC list below or contact us to develop a custom certification for your aircraft. Click on the aircraft model below for a list of our available Supplemental Type Certificates. What We Do. Commercial Aviation. Systems Integration. Engineering and Certification - STCs. SA Instl. Interior Reconfigurations. Product Information Bulletins. Cookies help us improve your website experience. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

Video Entertainment System. Imagik Monitor Replacement B. Tapestry Lights B,E. Radio Altimeter. Oxygen System Modification. Honeywell ELT E. LED Lights Installation. Business Class Reconfiguration in the Main Cabin. Data Link Recording Capability Activation. LED Cabin Lighting. Collins Aerospace FMS Dual IRS.

Collins Aerospace HF. Installation of Flight Deck Cooling System. Rechargeable Flashlight Instl. Rechargeable Flashlight Installation. Installation of Solid State Logo Light.

faa stc

Installation of Safe Flight Autopower System. Installation, Flight Deck Stowage Box.Aircraft that are certified by the FAA are issued a type certificate to indicate it is compliant with regulations. When a new or replacement part is installed on an FAA certified aircraft, a Supplemental Type Certificate STC is required to modify the aircraft from its original design.

The STC demonstrates how the original design is impacted by the new part and signifies FAA approval of the modified design. New avionics technologies are constantly being released to market that operators want to use on their aircraft. Operators are looking to acquire STCs for new technologies quickly in order to accelerate implementation and minimize aircraft downtime. To address the lengthy, complicated aircraft certification process, we specialize in a set of comprehensive certification services that streamline the process and make the STC process a smooth and stress-free experience for our customers.

Our certification engineers are regulation experts and thoroughly understand FAA certification standards and guidelines. By designing with regulations in mind, we are able to accelerate certification timelines by reducing design iterations and eliminating parts and designs that are non-compliant.

In addition to our experienced, nimble engineering team, we have developed a set of partnerships that allow us to deliver STCs faster. N53 W S. The Angelus Corporation is committed to complying with all United States export laws and regulations.

In some instances, The Angelus Corporation may require a Letter of Assurance from our customers, in order to ensure full export control compliance. About News Contact Careers. Engineering Certification U. Connect With Us.All a PA—32 owner needs to do is receive a copy of the supplemental type certificate STC and letter of authorization from AOPA that allows certain PA—32 models, certified with an option for seven seats, to be flown as six-seat-restricted aircraft.

Starting in Maythe BasicMed rule took effect as an alternative to medical certification for many pilots.

Federal Aviation Administration

BasicMed allows eligible pilots to fly recreationally as pilot in command, under VFR or IFR, in single- or twin-engine aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight of not more than 6, pounds, with no more than six occupants. The sticking point for PA—32s was this: Those specs cover a large percentage of the general aviation fleet, but they do not cover some Piper PA—32 models that have an option for a seventh seat.

Even if your airplane only has six seats and has never had the seventh installed, the capability for six or seven under the type certificate data sheet TCDS excludes the airplane from being piloted under BasicMed. AOPA noted that safety would not be affected.

Get the latest news on coronavirus impacts on general aviation, including what AOPA is doing to protect GA, event cancellations, advice for pilots to protect themselves, and more. Read More.

Already a member? Please login below for an enhanced experience. Not a member? Join today. A supplemental type certificate from AOPA makes Piper PAs that have the capability for six or seven seats BasicMed compliant by restricting the aircraft to six seats.

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U.S. FAA Certification

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Part 1 - Federal Aviation Administration Delegation System

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faa stc

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