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Erin napier art

His wife is an American television personality. Together, they are homemakers who renovate homes in Mississippi. The duo renovates and expresses their creative way to renovate the houses in a small town in Mississippi. With hard work and dedication, Ben and Erin have achieved the success they want in the field of homemakers.

Ben Napier with his wife, Erin Napier. During that time, Ben and Erin owned a stationery company. So, when Lindsey connected them about the ideas of shooting a series in Laurel, they thought that she was connecting to them to buy the stationery. Besides working as a homemaker, the television personality Ben previously worked at laurel first United Methodist Church as a youth minister till Ben is the president of the group.

They started their television career on 21 st March and has reached its fourth season starting on 13 th March The individual worth of the duo is not disclosed in the media. Ben and Erin are involved in charities, as well. We must say Ben and Erin have used their creative ideas at their best to renovate and main their house.

erin napier art

Right after six days of introducing to each other, the pair had clues that they would end up getting married someday. After enjoying dating relationship for a long period, the Ben Napier married Erin Napier on 22 nd Novemberin an intimate wedding ceremony. As of now, it has been over a decade since the duo tied the knot and still manages to keep their love alive.

During the eighth ceremony, Erin expresses her love to her partner, writing how endlessly grateful for their marriage that is easy for them. She wrote:. Being married to you feels as natural as breathing in and out, and to be loved and protected by you is the joy of my life. Ben is a romantic man that every girl would dream of.

Do y0u know he makes a book every year highlighting everything that happened every month? Ben has been keeping with the idea of books since ; the time he popped out the question to Erin. No matter how busy Ben is, he manages time to get the book, no matter what. During the time, they even filmed season two.

Erin Napier with her daughter Helen Napier. When announcing the happy news with the fans, Erin talked about pregnancy and motherhood, calling it her greatest and most hated fear. Erin even stayed away from blogging and site for a couple of months to focus on her newly born baby. She announced on 31 st December Besides Helen, the pair has two fluffy white dogs who they also treat as their kids. They both have shared numerous pictures of Great Pyrenees pups. The name of their pet is Baker, who is a rescue and Chevy who came from a working farm.

Ben Napier is 36 years old as of as he was born on 24 th September He was 25 years old when he got married to Erin. The family No. We were best friends growing up and still are. Erin Napier was born on 10 th Augustand is 34 years old, as of She was 23 years old when she got hitched with Ben.

The 36 years old television personality was born somewhere in the United States of America. He is of American nationality, whereas his ethnicity is not disclosed. Ben shares a very close bond with his parents.Richard T. Jones is a Hollywood actor and he and his wife Nancy live in LA for his work, but have fallen in love with Mississippi. Shop the Jones Collection. Read the Journal post. Rena lives a very busy life with several jobs and has been living with her mom to save money and focus on growing her businesses.

HGTV's Erin Napier on About Battling Mystery Illness: 'Scar Tissue Banded My Organs Together'

Shop the Register Collection. Charlie and Melissa Turner have been offered a Manse as part of their compensation with the Ellisville Presbyterian Church. But with 5 children and only 3 bedrooms — the place is cramped! Shop The Turner Collection. Shop the Yeager Collection. Shop The Pryor Collection. John grew up with his parents in the Air Force and never had a home town as a child. Once he was an adult, he continued to move around and most recently has been living in Belize. Shop The Combe Collection.

Brandy and Jason want to start the next phase of their lives as empty nesters in a small town that they can call their forever home.

Ben and Erin show them two homes: The Jones House, a classic craftsman with tons of space for a new kitchen and the Allred House, a historic gem with a stunning porch. Shop The Thornton Collection.

They need help finding something large enough to entertain, but manageable enough to maintain from their home in Florida. Ben and Erin transform their new house into the perfect Mississippi vacation getaway.

erin napier art

Shop The Berry-Demonte Collection. Read the Journal Post. After years of traveling, Shuff is ready to buy a house in Laurel where 5 generations of Mauldins have lived.Photo by: Erin Napier. Yep, we said yearssince Erin and Ben had to muster the resources and mental fortitude to give the space the extreme makeover it deserved. Erin and Ben being Erin and Ben, those initial moves were still impressive: Ben customized the cabinets and refrigerator surround, and Erin sourced budget-friendly subway tile, pendant lights and butcher-block countertops.

She walked us through the fancy and sometimes very un-fancy footwork it took to get there — and shared expert advice on how anyone can create a space that works for them. Do you have any pro advice on that kind of shopping? Erin: Ben is a Craigslist scavenger! He would check daily for new appliances and until I found some photographed that looked clean and decent and were stainless, we didn't pull the trigger. We got very lucky and found a [set] that [was] being sold together in a foreclosure!

A couple years later, I upgraded to a commercial style oven, but again — found a floor model from Sears that was half price. We love buying refurbished and gently used on the big purchases — cars, computers, appliances Erin: There's a value and a time and place in your life for going the cute route. When you are young, you make less money than you will a few years down the road.

Erin's Art

Doing what you can afford that's hopefully aesthetically pleasing is just fine for those early years, because you can and typically, will upgrade down the road. And one day, after you save some money, you can get that big sink that holds the skillet. Q: Were you at all nervous about having to go without a kitchen for the eight weeks it took to take yours down to the studs and build it up again?

A Colorful First Home for a Millennial Couple - Erin'spired - HGTV

But I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that it wasn't a big deal at all. We had the things we needed a toaster oven, coffee maker, and hot plate to make breakfast for the three of us each morning, ate off of paper plates, washed the sippies, skillet and coffee cups in the bathroom in five minutes, ate out for lunch and had supper at my parents' most nights.

There was no cooking outside of scrambled eggs and toast happening at our house for those two months and I really missed cooking, but we survived without much stress or upheaval. Erin: A Google image search for the era you're researching is the easiest. I just searched "s kitchen" and "craftsman kitchen" and kept clicking the 'similar images' links until I was deep into the rabbit hole.

Erin: I got a pretty inoffensive looking toaster oven and coffee maker because we use them ALL the time.

If you use it constantly, find one that isn't an eyesore and leave it on the counter. I think it's silly to try to hide everything we use constantly. Leave it on the counter and don't worry about how it looks, and hide the things you use a little less in an appliance garage. For us, that's the ice maker and microwave. Q: When it comes to tossing out worry on unmatched metal [fixtures and accessories], is more more?

If, say, it looks like a kitchen is going to call for at least two, would you recommend just going for it and skewing as eclectic as possible? Erin: I think more is always more, but I am a maximalist in every sense! I don't believe people look at a room and pick apart what metals are used. People walk in and just feel the whole of the room, so don't worry too much about it! Go behind the scenes at HGTV with your favorite show and host news, delivered straight to your inbox.

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Privacy Policy. Home Shows Home Town. Mondays at 9p 8c.There's no easier way to create the ideal look for a gallery wall. This Jumpsuit piece is printed on a textured, stretched canvas and is made ready-to-hang. If you received a defective or damaged product, please let us know so we can replace it for you.

We will send a return label to your email as soon as possible. Please note all rugs, food, and beverage items are final sale and may not be returned or exchanged. This Gestures piece is printed on a textured, stretched canvas and is made ready-to-hang. A digital print of original artwork by Erin Napier.

This is one of a series of prints Erin did to display with items in the LMCo. American Heirloom furniture collections. A digital print of an original watercolor painting by Erin Napier. Close menu. Our Favorites. Log in. Instagram Facebook YouTube Pinterest. Shop All Shop All. Quick view. Jumpsuit Watercolor Canvas. Gestures Canvas. Saturday Morning. Bonne Nouvelle. Blue Vases.

Swimsuit Print. Sitting Print. Soldier Print.The Home Town hostess and designer with the most-ess shares her go-to hues seen in the incredible transformations she creates with her husband, Ben. It takes a certain kind of room to pull off this deep, vibrant ocean blue—but it works beautifully as a cabinet color in an all-white kitchen with sleek, mid-modern brass accents. My all-time, all-season favorite color is a creamy white that leans antique buttery white just slightly.

We used the eggshell finish on our walls with semi-gloss on the trim. To give the kitchen an unexpected moodiness in the Edwards house, we used this deep almost black green on the cabinetry in semi-gloss. The interiors of the Rice house needed to reflect the sunshiney exterior in a more neutral way, so I opted for celery salt which is a cream that leans just a smidge on the celadon, springy green side.

I'm crazy about the medicinal s greens you saw in hospitals then that now remind me of the spring-green Jadeite bowls my grandmother used.

It's great as a front door color. The best colors are the ones you can't put your finger on: is it grey, or blue, or green, or khaki? Colors like October Mist pull it off and let unique art and furnishings shine with a hazy, neutral background.

A French-inspired cottage really shines anytime you can incorporate a smoky French blue into the palette. I used this color on the shutters of the Carson house and especially love it when paired with a white body and copper accents like a portico or gas lights with flowerboxes at the windows, spilling over with spring florals. When you see images of kitchens in the French countryside, they always have this glowy, sunny, slightly dingy warmth about them that points to a feeling it's been well-used and well-loved.

That was the inspiration for the color of the Carson kitchen. Home Shows Home Town. Mondays at 9p 8c. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.

May 08, Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. By: Jessica Galliart. From: Erin Napier. Show: Home Town. Related To: Home Town. Pacific Ocean Blue It takes a certain kind of room to pull off this deep, vibrant ocean blue—but it works beautifully as a cabinet color in an all-white kitchen with sleek, mid-modern brass accents.

Shop This Look. Powered By: Wayfair. More from:.Love something you saw on season four of Home Town? Erin and Ben Napier have you covered with the brand new collections in their shop, Laurel Mercantilecleverly curated by episode. We haven't quite figured out how to snap our fingers and magically have the things we want from shows appear in our homes, but we do have the next best thing.

Each week after the episode wraps, there will be a curated collection of goods from the show available for purchase. If you're lucky, you can even snag a print of one of Erin's original paintings in an antique frame. The new kitchen now boasts all new appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and a custom built table by Ben. Photo by: Laura Good. If you're looking for something with more function, you can also get Home Town inspired dinnerware and other goods.

We're partial to this jadeite dinnerware that's an affordable way to introduce vintage style into your kitchen. This set in particular was featured on season four, episode two, "The Littlest House. The added bonus of being able to shop these collections gives you another perfect reason to tune in to new episodes, airing Mondays 9 8c. Go behind the scenes at HGTV with your favorite show and host news, delivered straight to your inbox. Privacy Policy.

Home Shows Home Town. Mondays at 9p 8c. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. January 30, Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. By: Ashlyn Kittrell. Beyond Wall Decor.

erin napier art

Erin Napier Is an Early Adopter of the Grandmillennial Trend She's the queen of historically accurate renovations and vintage finds, but did you know there's a whole movement around her design style? Ben and Erin Napier -- denizens of that charmingly Southern town of Laurel, Mississippi, and purveyors of historic preservation, fine craftsmanship and just downright joyful vibes -- will back for a fourth season of HGTV's hit series Home Town.Erin and Ben turned an old Craftsman with no personality into the perfect eclectic, cozy home for an artist and her son in Laurel, Mississippi.

This Craftsman home had been on the market for a while with no interested buyers. The exterior was pretty bland and needed some major TLC. They also painted the home a cool blue-gray and painted the trim a crisp white that allows the Craftsman-style details to really pop. This kitchen was dated, cramped and walled off from the living areas. Erin and Ben blew out a wall section, opening the kitchen to the living room and creating an open layout that works for entertaining.

With brand-new appliances and high ceilings, this kitchen is now bigger than ever and ready for serious cooking. They did, however, uncover beautiful solid oak beams under all the sheetrock. Ben said it was "pretty sweet lemonade" for the big lemon of not being able to blow out the entire wall. And as soon as the homeowner saw the exposed wood, she said it made the house feel cozy like a home.

The new backsplash tile mimics the pattern and design of a handmade quilt which Erin said makes her think of "coziness and home. Erin knew the homeowner liked eclectic style so she wanted to add a little whimsy to the kitchen. She also painted the trim in the window over the sink a matching Jadeite green. The old living room gave you the impression that you were being pinned in with tons of weird columns and unnecessary railings.

It closed off the living room from the dining room and made the space feel smaller than it really was. Erin and Ben were able to remove the center column in the living and take out all the extra, gaudy railings to create an open layout and flow from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen.

During the renovation, Ben noticed that all of the columns have a similar twist to them which was likely from installing the columns before the wood had finished drying when the home was originally built. That funky twist now adds charm and character in this eclectic living room. These stairs were seriously dated and oddly crowded with unnecessary spindles.

And the additional railing separating the living from the hallway made the area feel closed off and even smaller than it actually was.

Ben and Erin Napier Wikipedia Biography including Net Worth, Married Life, and Family

Ben revamped the stairwell with clean, modern railings and took out all of the dated spindles to open up the entryway and create a better flow from the entryway to the hallway to the living room. This dining room had dated laminate flooring, dated wallpaper and a weird half railing that separated the space from the living room.

No more laminate floors! This sunroom was pretty dark and depressing. The wall of windows needed a serious upgrade and the old, dated flooring had to go.

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