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All men are trash song zambian

Night revelers take to the stage at a night club in Lusaka. By Wesley Ngwenya Because of the overwhelming email responses I got from the earlier published article on Lusakatimes. Instead of sending numerous emails, let me publish an excerpt, from the book, so that other readers can benefit as well.

The stories are fascinating, frightening and sometimes funny. First time I met Cindy not her real name was in the Northmead area.

We had a short conversation after I declined her request to buy her a drink. But no drinks. Cindy and I had chatted briefly that night. Couple of years later, I met her at the Makeni Casino. Something seemed very different about her. She immediately recognized me but was too busy to talk to me since she was with the company of some Asian men. I looked for an opportunity to talk to her. When that opportunity came I talked to her. She joked with me about having given me a chance the last time we met.

I talked to her about my mission and that I will tell her story without ever using her real name. She reluctantly agreed and we arranged to meet a week later. She moved in with her grandparents after she completed school a couple of years earlier. Cindy speaks very good English and has very good high school grades. It all started one night when Cindy and her cousin stayed out late at a drinking place. They were just enjoying a game of the English Premier League Football.

She is a big fun of Manchester United. That night a man offered them to buy some beer. They accepted.This girl is NOT the author of this story but around the same age the author was sexually abused by her rich uncle. By Indi I was five year old when I left the Southern province with my young sister to go to live on the Copperbelt. The Copperbelt CB was the place to be at that time, the mines were giving the best jobs and scholarships, the best private schools could be found here, visas to shop in the UK were unlimited, the Duty Free shops where everywhere and of course it was a big thing to miss the Trade Fair.

Faith Nketsi – Men are Trash

I loved the trade fair and took pride in how many candyfloss I could eat in one day. So the idea to travel to the CB and live with my very rich uncle and his wife sounded like was the best thing that could ever happen to me. My parents had allowed us to stay with my uncle for the first three years to be able to attend the mine schools there. As my aunt and uncle had no children, it would be an ideal thing to do but all those details and more did not matter to me as I was going to live in the place of my dreams.

The first weeks of arriving there were heaven on earth, I had no idea that this would soon change. I took these comments as compliments and also eyeopeners to pray that I would develop fast and have breasts. But I liked being with uncle, he just showed us the best times in life. The comments would change to small touches on my private parts and chest. I was five years of age and thought it was some kind of game that I really did not want to play. It was then that I started to get weary and shy of being in his presence.

all men are trash song zambian

I never gave them the details of what he did to me, but when I got home, I was whipped by my aunt so badly that I swore on everything in my life never to repeat this story or even hint at it.

She accused me of trying to wreck her home, reputation and called me lots of ugly names. Names that would soon become a part of me. She told me, I was useless, ugly and a home wrecker. Games that were secrets never to be told.

My parents never allowed us to watch any form of kissing in any movie, magazine or newspaper. So when the porno movie started, I did what I always did, cover my eyes with my hands and hope that it would soon be over. I never knew what I was watching but it was full of sounds and not words. I run out of the room to my sleeping room. I did not want to disobey my parents. By the time I turned six, the movies, touching games had soon began to be a part of my weekly life.

I was afraid to tell because I was just so scared Then the sexual molestation began, the bait was my young sister. If I refused to do what he said, he told me that he would go after my sister and kill us. I never wanted that. I had to protect my sister. So I surrendered to his demands.

I never understood this but I knew this game was not what I ever wanted to play and I just wanted to go home. But the holiday we were to come home, my aunt had her first baby and unfortunately we had to stay.Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account?

Sign Up. Never trust a man. Mr Shula on something. Are we baboons surely mwebamtu,after he called a black man a baboon this followed. Battle of slay Kings. Kafue under total lock down.

Was the nurse wrong or may be the patient just felt deep attraction. Social distancing is hard mwebantu to follow in some places. Zambia records 3 new positive cases of Covid 19 Fellow Citizens, Over the last 24 hours, Zambia carried out tests out of which three 03 new COVID cases have been recorded involving an adult male who had recently travelled to a COVID high risk country and his 13 year old daughter.

The third 3rd patient is a primary contact to the p Mwebantu we just heard he was arrested sometime last year,does any one know how far his case has gone??? Related Pages See all. Zambian Landscape. Zambia Reports. Milly Beauty Products. Zambian Watchdog. Zakado The Boxer. Zambian TV. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The Mast. ZNBC Today. Forgotten account?By Lance Witten Sep 6, The thing I want to say is that through all of this, we as men need to take responsibility and be accountable for our actions — not only our own, but the actions of all the men all around us all of the time.

The simple fact of the matter is: MenAreTrash. You get these men who say: "Yes, but not ALL men are trash" before listing all the amazing things they do for the women in their lives, but let me explain how I see it. Not all mosquitoes bite, but you don't check the gender of a mosquito before killing it as it threatens your peaceful night's sleep; not all sharks attack humans, but as soon as the flag goes up on the beach, you get out of the water; not all lions kill humans, but you don't go jogging through the Kruger Park.

Someone once posted about the fact that not all snakes are venomous, but that doesn't prevent you from being wary of them. Men pose the number one threat to the lives of women. They are scared to walk around late at night. They are scared to take an Uber. They are scared to go to bathrooms alone.

Men, we can't even comprehend that level of threat. No other living thing on earth rapes and kills more women than men.

Imagine how frightening it must be for a woman to go on a date.

Hunt for Successor 35: Zambian Journalists are cowards

To meet that Tinder guy. What it must feel like for us to slide into their DMs. Can you imagine? No, you can't, because you're a man and you've never had to worry about that. That's the privilege we enjoy. Now, what can we do about it? Well, it starts with the acknowledgement of our failing as men. It starts with personal accountability, and to this end, I would like to explain why I believe in MenAreTrash I have laughed at and forwarded sexist and misogynistic jokes.

This makes me trash. I have cheated on women and I have lied to them. I have slid into DMs, and entertained having my DMs slid into. I have been guilty of unwanted physical contact touching a woman without her consent. I have flirted with women who did not want to be flirted with.

all men are trash song zambian

I have seen other men disrespecting women and done nothing. I have called women names and spoken ill of them among friends. I have bragged about "conquests".Actually, Sata has completely destroyed the media. Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail, ZNBC, should not be referred to as state-owned media, but propaganda houses and the people in them must be called propaganda peddlers. The media should not be funded by the state, but the public.

It should not support or be affiliated to the political party in power or to any political party for that matter. While the head of state may censor content which he deems illegal, immoral or unfavorable, he must not use the media as a personal tool to solidify his authority.

He must not appoint and fire media chief executives and threaten young reporters who express opposing views. Any head of state with such a tendency is called a dictator. What has made the Zambian journalist capitulate to cowardice is job insecurity, threats, intimidation, and uncalled for arrests by the party and its government.

It is political power. Former president Kenneth Kaunda set a precedent. Rather, David Yumba began it all. After independence Yumba was known to spend part of his newscast praising Kaunda. We liked it, and so did KK.

In the same year, the relationship between him and his childhood friend Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, dipped.

Nez Long Ft. Chef 187 - Keka -- Mp3 Download

Kapwepwe, a journalist-turned-politician trained in Indiaand Minister of Foreign Affairs at that time, challenged vice president Reuben Kamanga for the position of deputy leader of UNIP and won. When KK hesitated to appoint Kapwepwe as vice president, he faced open criticism from reporters at the Times of Zambia. Editorials and comments by the Times of Zambia, among other pressing issues, would force KK to succumb. As early asit had become clear that KK was preparing to convert the Zambian society to his Philosophy of Humanism.

He knew that Kapwepwe and freedom of the press would stand in his way. Their differences deepened and inKapwepwe resigned. To the dismay of KK, Kamana proved to be an advocate of freedom of the press. He encouraged reporters like Mike Pearson to continue pointing out inefficiencies and corruption in the UNIP government. His move marked the end of freedom of the press in Zambia. The intimidation of journalists and the eroding of the profession had begun.

You had to tag along with KK or get fired. A big scare did its rounds in the media in when Bill Saidi and several other journalists were fired by KK. Saidi writes in his memoirs that the letter was delivered to him at the Times of Zambia Ndola office.

I have been particularly concerned about your misconceptions regarding our approach to nation-building in this country…Consequently, your performance continues to be inconsistent with the philosophy and spirit of the paper which must be the mouthpiece of the Party…I am, therefore, left with no option but to fire you with immediate effect.What does it mean for women to labor on behalf of men?

Why do we allow this to continue? I know in my personal life I still need to do more work to carry an equal burden and that is itself only a small piece of the fight to dismantle patriarchy. Women are beaten downassaultedharassed, and when they seek mental and physical treatment for this never mind regular disease not caused by these factorsthey are ignored and belittled.

It only makes sense that rape and domestic violence are vastly underreported. Women rightly generalize us men as garbage because far too many men are the problem and are not actively committed towards the solution—dismantling the structures that exploit women to benefit men.

all men are trash song zambian

These women recognized and interrogated how working folks who go unpaid are the foundation of capitalism as we know it today—thus patriarchy, and its toxic mentality of misogyny, serve as functions of it in order to keep women oppressed. In spite of this, I still believe that Marxist-feminism is the best way for men especially cis men to unlearn our individual and collective entitlement to the time and space of women in our lives.

Masculinity under patriarchal capitalism is ingrained into us all our lives, and we are taught toxic behaviors and those behaviors are enforced with societal rewards. If women are to be free, men will need to divest from the power society unjustly gives us. Stop and be silent. Be better men. Dismantle patriarchy.

Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. Women are not groaning at the inadequacies of men for no reason. College of Charleston.

all men are trash song zambian

This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Community Water Scarcity in Context. Rutgers University.All I've seen over Twitter lately is multiple variations of the newest phrase "men are trash. Yes, yes I know not "all" men are trash, but there's a solid amount that are.

We all know one. Some of us have the unfortunate pleasure of knowing multiple. No matter how many you've encountered, here's a playlist when you remember said trash guy, whether he turned out to be a bad friend, a bad boyfriend, or whatever the case may be, this will help. To be honest, I fell in love with this song particular the lyrics when I heard her audition her original song on American Idol.

Y'all don't even know how stoked I was when she released the full version. Also, she's a fellow Texan. I hope people haven't forgotten about this jam. Funny enough, she was also on American Idol. This is when you know that trash man had the best days of his life when you were in it but unfortunately you haven't had the best of your life, honey.

Also, did anyone else forget that Taylor Swift was in this music video? If you're in the mood for a throwback this is it. On a side note, why did we ever stop calling men scrubs? Do you really need to hear anything more than the title for this one? If you forgot about this jam, I'm here to remind you of it.

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This new song is spot on and perfect for when you genuinely think, "Wow truly IDGAF about what he has to say to me anymore. Carrie will remind you that he's no good for you, and you know he isn't. Listen to the song and move on.

You know you sing-yell every lyric of this song when it comes on the radio. Cardi knows what we're all going through and she ain't afraid to call anyone out. The title is pretty self explanatory, and you will probably remember all the lyrics once you put it on, because really, who didn't listen to this song back in the mid s, even when our love lives were nonexistent? If you're angry, you probably are then there is an especially "feel good" sensation you have when you listen to this song.

Give em hell girl. Forgetting your birthday is a big deal. When you find yourself in that situation, turn this one up. This one is perfect for when you're out with your girls dancing and you're just looking to have a good time! If you've' heard this at a party and not screamed the lyrics because you felt that, you're lying. It's ok, sing along, scream it, you deserve to.

This is perfect for when you've met someone new, and have come to realize he is, in fact, trash. Here we go again y'all. Sometimes what you need to do is shake a person out of your life. Also, who doesn't love a bit of Mariah Carey in a playlist? Was this really going to be a comprehensive list without this song? It's a classic, we can't remember how many times we've belted it out, and you know you wish you recreate the music video. With a playlist that crosses multiple genres and even decades, the only thing left to do is remove toxic people from your life.

Happy listening!! Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends.

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